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no roses, no skies Untitled Document
I love you
My boo looking amazing

So fuckig over my life oh my fucking god


Me right now

I need help so fucking bad


Lol having a good day making breakfast? Let me fuck that up for you


Sometimes I’d wonder why I wasn’t good enough, not because I wanted you back, but you scarred me so deeply It made me feel like I’ve never been good enough, for anyone. I was the perfect girlfriend and you threw it away. Laying awake at night thinking it was only a matter of time before I fucked up again in a new relationship because I always had before. You made me think those thoughts even when I did nothing.
But finally, I don’t care now, if I was never good enough, because now, I have someone who treats me like I am their first priority, I wake up happy, I roll over and smile because she’s in bed with me and the first thing I see.
I never thought I would be able to feel happy, I never thought id live in such a way that I wasn’t crying over a particular person because they had treated me like shit, threw me around, or fucked another girl. I can’t believe I was so attached and you let me be because you knew I couldn’t leave.
You took advantage of my love and I am so fucking glad I took that away from you. You took everything from me, my house, my belongings, my furniture, any mental stability, you took that too.

I prove my strength now by doing anything to keep away from you.
Thankyou for pushing me away so I found the best thing in my life. My girlfriend.
I would never give up what I have now so I could go back to being suicidal and depressed everyday.

But it seems this will be my last post of you, because I don’t need you occupying space in my mind, to put it simple, I’m over you and probably have your name cross my mind, and I’m so glad. Farewell to all these horrible memories I have in my head, looking off my balcony and wishing I could just fucking jump. You never stopped me. You didn’t care. And now you’ll be alone for the rest of your life while I am happy.

I have a girlfriend who loves me, I live freely, and I’m the most happy I’ve ever been. I am so glad to not have your name lingering in the back of my head.